Vita Juice - It's Dead Fruity! TVC (Firecracker)

2015年03月10日 23:03
Client: Vita Juice
Juice Drink is the highest growth but saturated beverage category. Vita Juice besides faces intense competition, consumers categorized the brand as processed fruit juice with unhealthy connotations. Our challenge was to reinforce the brand’s authentic juice taste positioning, rejuvenate it’s imagery to drive sales and reconnecting with the core juice drinkers aged 15-24. Taste indulgence and the suitability to consume in any occasion are the key consumption motivators for Juice drinkers (Wellness Research 2007). We tapped into that need and leveraged on Vita Juice’s competitive advantage – authentic juice taste with the widest fruit variety and combinations. So we let our juices flow and created ‘It’s Dead Fruity!’ campaign to celebrate the extreme fruitiness of Vita juice - all its fruits want to do is self-destruct in order to ‘unleash’ their juicy fruitiness. Involving wired teens integrally in the activation, we invited them to lend Vita fruits a helping hand!
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