PROMAX BDA // Opening Short - Europe

2014年05月19日 00:05 ·
Originally developed as the opener for the 2010 AusNZ Promax BDA Conference, this short film explores the 'day in the life' of a tv creative and was adopted for the 2011 European PromaxBDA Conferences also.
For the Europe Conference we took on the task of updating the opener and reworking it to fit the enormous super wide screen specs of 2700x900 (3:1).
Overall, with an open brief of only the conference theme 'Creative Survival Kit' to go by, we developed a brand package which explored a day in the life of a 'tv creative' which leads to a creative epiphany of sorts. The sums of one's day, with all its variables and tangents, often leads us to the best creative outcomes.
The DMCI produced 2 opening sequences (see short film: PROCRASTINATION) and all print and marketing collateral. A very fun and personal project for us.
Concept, Design, Direction, Edit by Kin Things
Audio Design & Composition - ism studios (Mark Brandis)
3D Artist (Maya) - Aevar Bjarnason
Stop Mo Workspace & Illustrations (Various Illustrations in the 'Monster Sex' Style) - Chris Edser
Illustrations (Bus, Coffee, Clock, Toilet, ) - Hazel Lam
Metal Head - Ruffmercy (Russ Murphy)
Brainstorm & Computer Crash - iamjefferson (Ryan Hays)
Cuddles - Darin Bendall
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