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2014年06月16日 00:06 ·
Following in the footsteps of both their father, Jordan Cronenweth (Best known for Blade Runner and Peggy Sue got Married) and their grandfather, William Edward Cronenweth (Oscar-winning studio still photographer.) Tim and Jeff Cronenweth joined forces in 2003, aligning their narrative sensibilities and cinematographic styling’s. With Tim playing the boisterous mad scientist to Jeff’s thoughtful and painterly disposition, the brothers emerged as The Cronenweths. The directing team quickly garnered assignments that furthered their reputation in the industry with their amazing ability to drive both narrative and highly cinematic pieces. The brothers’ collaborative and inclusive style has created lasting relationships and resulted in numerous longtime partnerships with brands such as; GMC, Sony, Audi, American Express, Gatorade, The 2012 Olympic Campaign for Usain Bolt, EA Sports, Lexus, LG, Toyota, Budweiser, Cover Girl and many more. Each subsequent campaign adds to the Cronenweths already impressive portfolio, which blends technical proficiency and innovation with the heart of storytelling to create unique works of substance. By working together, the directors are made all the more formidable by their alternate perspectives and novel approach to filmmaking. “The interesting thing for us is bridging the story and the technical aspects of a project,” Jeff explains. “We love eliciting subtle performances in the pursuit of truth.” Expanding on that concept, Tim notes that “As an artist, ones ego gets put aside and this allows the truth to be known.” Recently with Jeff's Oscar nominations for “The Social Network” and “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, and the highly anticipated Hitchcock, The Cronenweths have been a movie fanatic’s favorite.
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