Philips Grainmaster with Lyndey Milan | Jambalaya with prawns, pork and smoked sausage

2017年07月27日 00:07 ·
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Powered by Philips innovative FragrantTaste Technology, with its automatic optimum controlled heating temperatures at each stage of the cooking process, every grain of rice is well cooked to shiny fluffy fragrant taste
• 24-hour preset timer ensures rice and meal ready on time.
• 5-layer non-stick and anti-scratch coating ensures inner pot is long lasting and easy to clean
• 8 menus, including: Standard cook, Quick cook, Brown rice, Multi-Grain, Lentils, Quinoa, Porridge, Reheat
• Fragrant Retention Valve to lock original tasty Rice
• Free recipe booklet with Quick start guide
• Automatic keep warm keeps rice fresh for 12 hours
• Fully detachable inner lid for easy cleaning
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